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Keith Pushor, BMgt. Agent

"It’s about providing personal, professional, and expert service to each and every client throughout the entire selling and buying process!” – KP

I cover the City of Lethbridge and the surrounding areas including Coaldale, Coalhurst, Magrath, Raymond, and more.

I deal with Existing Homes, New Homes, Condominiums, Acreages, Revenue Properties, Relocation, Real Estate Solutions, and more...


Stat Pack

4th Quarter 2018 Not THAT Grinchy!

As we headed out of 2018 our real estate market was “respectable” in comparison to the year before.  For the months of Oct, Nov, and Dec combined the Lethbridge City market saw 316 mls residential sales.  Pretty much the same as those months in 2017 (less than 1% change).  Our…

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3rd Quarter a “Soft Summer”

July, August, and September of 2018 were certainly much more pleasant than this season last year…in terms of scorching heat.  But we could of used a little of that sunshine to heat up our real estate market!  In terms of MLS sales 3rd Quarter of this year we had a…

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2nd Quarter 2018 Up AND Down from 2017!

For April, May and June of this year our city saw more NEW LISTINGS, fewer SALES, but a consistant AVERAGE SALE VALUE as compared to 2017 on our MLS!  1,563 new listings hit the market during this time which is about a 4% increase from last year.  492 properties sold which…

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March 2018 In or Out like a Lion?

So the first quarter of this year saw some UGLY weather, but our real estate market wasn’t so bad.  Definitely softer that last year.  The MLS numbers show that the number of Lethbridge City residential sales this quarter vs 1st quarter of 2017 was down as a whole about 10%. …

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2017 Mirrors our 2016 Market

The numbers are in!  Our Lethbridge city residential market this year pretty much looked like 2016.  Total residential sales through MLS ended up at 1601 properties just 4% fewer than 2016, but the average sale price was up 1%.  The same trend continues as we compare houses to condominiums.  Number…

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3rd Quarter Numbers Are In!

Pretty much the same market as this time last year in the City of Lethbridge.  Total number of residential properties sold (everything from houses, to condos, to mobiles, and lots) were a little bit down (almost 5%) for a total of 461 properties. Perhaps the new mortgage qualifying rules had…

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Busy summer this season.  Over July and August the City of Lethbridge saw 323 residential properties sell. A couple more than summer of 2016 but overall pretty consistent.  Of those 82% were single family homes, while 16% were condos.  Mobiles and vacant lots made up the remaining 2%.  Still lots…

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First Half of 2017 gets a great Real Estate report card!

This June we saw 212 residential properties sell in the City of Lethbridge through our MLS system.  Bringing the total year to date to over 800 properties sold!  2nd half of 2017 promises to be just as active.  Call me to buy or sell YOUR next home!  

Magnificent May!

Active market last month in the City of Lethbridge with 168 single family homes selling on the MLS for an average sale value of approximately $322k.  21 condominiums sold too for an average sale value of $200k!  Good volumes, healthy market.  Still over 750 houses and over 130 condos are…

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Real Estate Market Continues the Pace in 2017!

So the 1st quarter numbers are in for our City of Lethbridge real estate market.  On our MLS system we have had 312 single family homes sell in Jan, Feb, and March of this year (combined).  Price pocket with the most amount of sales was the $250,000-$300,000 bracket where buyer…

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An Average February?

Here are the rounded out “average” sale prices from MLS activity in the City of Lethbridge this February (2017): Single family homes $295,000 ($300,000 Feb 2016); Residential condominiums $206,000 ($194,000 in Feb 2016); Manufactured homes $171,000 ($72,000 in Feb 2016).  Does that mean the manufactured home market has boomed and the…

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Not Quite Molasses, But….

January 2016 was a bit slower than last January. 64 residential properties were sold in the city of Lethbridge last month. This is about a 9% decrease from January 2016. Cold weather and new mortgage rules may have been the primary culprit for this decrease. The good news is according…

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Winter Approaches but Houses Keep Selling!

Bit of a dip in temperature, and a bit of a dip in the number of sales as compared to November of last year.  About 10% fewer properties sold in the City as compared to 2015.  Still…we had 106 properties sell which represents about 15% of the total inventory in…

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Fall Starts out with a BANG!

September of 2016 experienced a significant increase in sales over last September.  The number of Lethbridge residential properties sold were up 38% as a whole across the city.  Where were the “hot spots”?  North Lethbridge saw a 18% increase, South a 21%, but the West side experienced a whopping 69%…

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1st Quarter 2016 Sales Show the HOT Price Ranges!

Buyer confidence and activity was high during the 1st quarter of 2016…in certain price ranges.  The hot spot was definitely the $200,000-$350,000 price range representing 54% of the total residential sales across the board, and 61% of the total sales in the City of Lethbridge!  During the first 3 months…

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2015 Was “Steady Eddy” for Real Estate Sales!

Our Lethbridge and Area residential real estate market was true to form in 2015.  Steady Eddy once again!  Across the LDAR (Lethbridge and District Association of Realtors) we saw 2,538 MLS properties sell in 2015, and increase of about 5% from the previous year. Of those, the City of Lethbridge…

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Winter 2015 Starts off HOT!

This is an interesting statistic: The number of residential properties sold this November increased from November of 2014!  Most of this increased activity was in the City of Lethbridge market where we saw 34% more listings sell than last year at this time.  However our overall LDAR area experienced a 9%…

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TRICK and TREAT for Halloween Housing!

This year’s October market had a Trick AND Treat quality about it.  Overall number of sales were down by about 9% from October 2014, but the average sale price was up by about 7%.  Quality versus Quantity?  Perhaps.  Either way there is still good market activity out there as we head towards year end!   Call me…

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Sunshine and Sales for Summer Market 2015

OK summer is over!  It was quite an active Real Estate Market in our City and the Lethbridge District MLS in general.  In July and August of 2015 we had 526 residential sales in our entire district, up by about 6% from last summer.  The City of Lethbridge specifically had…

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Heading into Summer Strong!

June of this year saw 187 residential MLS sales in the City of Lethbridge.  Almost 10% more than June of 2014!  78% of these were single family homes or semi detached while 16% were condominiums.  Out of these sales the West side saw the lions share of single family home sales,…

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